About re-skin's founder

Lisa Anderson is the founder of 100% natural, New Zealand made skincare brand re-skin

After 25 years working in the beauty industry, Lisa longed for simplicity and authenticity in her beauty products. Even with cabinets and drawers full of products claiming anti-ageing “superpowers”, she was still searching for that one serum that did it all. A deep dive into ingredient labels sent Lisa down a vortex revealing the alarming volume of toxic ingredients lurking in some of the most popular beauty products, despite being labelled as “natural” and “clean”. This was the catalyst for Lisa starting her own brand.

After having spent decades, consulting industry veterans on all things beauty, she decided to set up her own company - one with a very different set of morals and ethics.

For Lisa, skincare isn’t just a passion. It’s deeply personal. Having struggled with skin issues from a young age, due to undiagnosed autoimmune and coeliac disease, she knows all too well what it’s like not to feel confident in your own skin. After consulting dermatologists, naturopaths and skin therapists along her journey, the correlation between what she was putting in her body and the ultimate health of her skin became clear. She needed an inside out approach.

In addition to a lack of transparency, Lisa always felt there were too many choices when it came to beauty. Even as a self-confessed ‘beauty junkie’, she didn't want to spend all of her time testing creams and serums — as a working mum of two time was precious and she knew other women must share the same sentiment.

“Confident skin doesn’t require 12 steps. I aim to encourage women to be thoughtful and mindful of their purchasing and to simplify their beauty routine with purposeful products. Skincare can still feel luxurious and deliver real results.” – Lisa Anderson, founder

Developing a keen awareness of the importance of ingredients, Lisa leveraged her beauty experience to partner with the leading natural beauty scientist in New Zealand. The brief was simple: it needed to work from the inside out and it needed to be transparent, no compromises.

But it wasn’t that simple. After five years of research, stringent testing and nine versions later, they reached a milestone in anti-ageing – and was born.

Combining powerful botanicals with proven science, is a 100% clean two-step system, comprising a supplement and serum, which together deliver visible high performance results to instil confidence from the inside out.’s advanced skin supplement, re.vive, combines the benefits of 20 antioxidant-rich vitamins and minerals with superior New Zealand Marine Collagen, renowned for its anti-ageing properties. A complex combination of B vitamins work to maintain a healthy gut while zinc supports digestion, immunity and skin healing. Together, along with powerhouse vitamins and minerals, they ensure optimum skin health from the inside out. When paired with re.form, a powerful concentrated serum, the two-step system delivers multidimensional anti-ageing properties deep into the skin for a healthy, youthful glow year-round.