Spotlight on Algae

This surprising sushi ingredient is a skin saviour

With thousands of skincare launches every year it can be equally exciting and overwhelming. It can be difficult to discern what’s just a fad from the real deal? But more importantly, if it is legitimate will it actually suit my skin type?

The unfortunate reality is not all skincare ingredients will work for everyone. Salicylic acid is best suited to acne-prone skin, retinol is generally reserved for the strong-skinned... but algae benefits? They’re universal.

While we’re no stranger to algae AKA seaweed as a beloved ingredient in sushi, a lesser known variation – brown algae – is quickly gaining traction as an anti-ageing powerhouse. In fact, intelligence agency Mintel highlighted it as one of 2019’s biggest breakout ingredients in their Global New Products Database.

Algae skincare: The unsung skincare superhero

There are actually two different types of Algae: macro algae (kelp and seaweed) and micro algae (single cell microscopic organisms). Both types are humectants, excellent at hydrating the skin as well as retaining moisture, which is why it’s commonly utilised in skincare. There are three primary types of algae used in beauty: brown, red and green. Below we round-up the key benefits of’s brown algae extract.

Why algae?

The green superfood is naturally loaded with an unusually high concentration of vitamins, minerals and amino acids like calcium, copper, iodine, iron, magnesium, potassium, and zinc, as well as vitamins A, B, C, D and E. All of which are not only good for your body but beneficial for your skin and hair as well, which is why this superfood makes an excellent addition to your skincare routine.

The benefits

Natural detoxification

Algae works as a purifier hence why it’s often referred to as the “lymphatic system of the sea”. Similarly on skin, it can draw out impurities and detox the skin.

Boosts hydration

The clinically-tested ingredient has proven to deliver a visible moisture surge in the skin. Not only does it help to retain moisture, it stimulates hyaluronic acid in the skin to further nourish and hydrate.

Improves fine lines

Algae is renowned for its anti-ageing benefits due to its ability to preserve collagen networks. It inhibits enzymes that break down collagen in the skin. Incorporating algae into your skincare regime can help to decelerate the ageing process and improve skin elasticity.

Minimises pigmentation

One of algae’s biggest claims to fame is its ability to lift hyper pigmentation, including acne scars and dark circles. In particular, brown algae boasts high levels of vitamin C, delivering skin brightening properties.

Reduces signs of fatigue

Struggle to get eight hour shut-eye? Fake it till you make it with the boosting benefits of algae. The potent antioxidant reduces signs of stress and lack of sleep.

Fights free radicals

If you’re a city dwellers, make friends with brown algae. It helps counteract the effects of free radicals, neutralising pollution particles that contribute to ageing like sun damage, to keep your face looking fresh and young.

Relieves inflammation

The humble algae has also been found to boast inflammatory qualities. All skin inflammation – from acne to dermatitis to redness – will benefit from a serving of this super-seaweed. marine algae’s algae extract, 3Kalpariane, is a marine Collagen active derived from Brown Algae for its youth-boosting benefits.  

Our comprehensive clinical trials have found the nutrient-rich composition 3Kalpariane effective in preventing collagen breakdown (we all know why collagen is essential!), defending against free radicals and delivering results at an epidermal level.

Key benefits of 3Kalpariane:

• Shields against age-accelerating free radicals

• Revitalises skin cells, improving firmness and hydration

• Prevents collagen degradation

• Stimulates Hyaluronic Acid

• Hydrates