Mama's we love and their beauty secrets

With Mother's Day this month we are celebrating some celebrity Mama's that we love and taking a look at some of their beauty secrets. What is good enough for them, is good enough for us too! Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful Mama's out there, we think you're all amazing. 

Rachel Hunter...Must have beauty product? Mascara

Princess Diana... Always removed her makeup

Jessica Alba... Never walks out of the house without curling her lashes and swears to this being her secret to reviving tired eyes

Cindy Crawford... Sun protection at all times! Especially on her face

Kate Moss... Lip balm is always in her purse and almonds are her favourite snack

Claudia Schiffer... Loves having red nails on her toes and fingers at all times

Goldie Hawn... Drinks a daily green juice

Elle Macpherson... Ensures she has a good night’s sleep every night...a minimum of 7 hours.